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Jerome Watts

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Sarah, Chris and Mark at Tenerife Scuba for a great two weeks holiday. Both my fiancee and I found them to be highly organised, helpful, knowledgeable safety concious and all-round good fun. Their dive briefings are spot on and what they say you will see, generally appears almost on queue - Sarah thanks for ordering the large pod of dolphins!! The Centre can organise your accomodation, collect you from the airport and your accomodation for the days diving, retu ing you at the end, has a equipment to hire; and plans the Dives to suit those onboard. The Boat is always manned when Divers are in the Water and Dives are escorted. First Aid and O2 on board with a trapeaze underneath for those wishing to hang around"" and ""soak up"" the atmosphere! Anybody who is interested in visiting Tenerife for a laid back time