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Martin Harvey

Question- Thinking about taking the misses and our two kiddies (6 and 4) to Tenerife in Feb. 1) What's the diving like? 2) What's the place like for a family holiday. Ideally I prefer to find a nice beach where the kids can dig holes, snorkel and prod crabs in rock pools and I can eventually slip off for an hour or two under the briney. Does this sound like Tenerife?

Answer- You won't find that many "nice" beaches, being volcanic the beaches are mostly black sand. There are "proper" beaches at Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos, but Playa is a bit of a dump, given the sort of club reps style nightclub culture, although there authorities are apparently doing their best to curb this. Los Christianos is also a bit of dump, but less so than Playa.

The diving is not at all bad, good visibility, water temp about 19 at that time of year. Lots of morays/ millions of sea urchins, rays and other stuff. At that time of year you may see Angel sharks.

I have dived with 3 different centres, all of whom have been OK.

The last one was Tenerife Scuba who have an excellent website, and are a very nice bunch, its run by 3 English people, Chris, his wife Sarah and friend Mark.