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Cueva del Palm-Mar

Depth 10-30m+ Level Advanced. The Caves at Pal Mar are also known as Moray City. We anchor up in about 16m of water on top of a large rock plateau about 500m off shore. After descending the shot line you drop over the side of the plateau to the sea bed at 22m.

The whole wall is home to all types of Moray Eels. Following the plateau around you will come to the cave entrance at 30M, the caves themselves extend a couple of kilometers inland. All around the cave entrance you will see moray eels coming out of nearly every crevice in the wall, an eerie feeling. The cave can be entered, with care, to about 20m where there is a large rock pillar. The bottom of the cave is covered in silt and visibility can get very low. Head out a little and there is a statue of the Madona and Child placed there to bring good luck to the fishermen. Heading back up onto the plateau there are shoals of Sea Bream and Zebra Fish, Octopus and Ornate Wrasse. We have also seen Angel Sharks and Atlantic Rays, Dolphins and Pilot Whales here.