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Roncadores del Faro

Depth 10-20m+ Level Novice/Advanced. This site boasts both spectacular scenery and fish life. We anchor the boat in about 8m, in a small crater on the first of a series of volcanic steps.

Dropping over the side of the "Steps" you pass Trumpet Fish and Zebra and Sea Bream, then we come to a large swim through and a shoal of Roncardores (Bastard Grunt). Swim slowly and they will part before you and close around you. This is one for the cameras! If you head out to sea following one of the rock spears that run perpendicular to the shore you have patches of sand home to Angel Sharks! (Nov-March) 26M+ Heading back to the base of the Steps (18m) we come up in a gully, Lizard Fish, Morays and Octopus, and then to a second vertical swim through which puts us on the top of the Steps at about 10-12m. Coming back to the anchor line you can look down at the seabed at where you have been. Keep your eyes open for passing Barracuda, Tuna and Sardines. Back at the anchor line you can spend your safety stop swimming around the small crater looking at the Ornate Wrasse, Blue Atlantic Damsel Fish, Cuttle Fish etc.