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Depth 10-18m Level Novice/Advanced. This was a cargo ship carring bags of cement between the islands which ran aground after developing "alcohol related" steering problems. Lying between 10-18 meters, the wreck itself has now broken up, exposing the boiler and engine room.

Access is easy from the rear hold swimming through the remains of the cargo. The wreck is home to a family of Trumpet Fish and Octopus, with the top of the wreck surrounded by thousands of Sardines. From here we can swim off to an area with Black Coral, spectacular views at 40 meters with a drop of to 60 meters and deeper.

Depth 13-35m Level Advanced. This takes its name from the type of rock formations you see on this dive. The volcanic scenery here is very dramatic swimming through holes and overhangs, and gullies.

Depth 10-25m+ Level Novice/Advanced. This is a great dive that everybody can enjoy plenty of marine life with a cave at 18mts, we anchor the boat on top of the reef in about 7mts.

We start the dive by descending the anchor line to the reef following a gully down to a sandy area we follow the reef on our left around to the cave, the cave has a large entrance as we enter the cave we turn on our torches and have a good look around. There are plenty of cataluffa and Trumpet fish swimming around as we go through the cave there is a small cave on our right

where we quite often see sleeping Atlantic Rays and some times a Globe fish resting at the back of the cave. When we exit the cave system we follow the reef on our left. During the winter months (Oct-Mar) it is possible to come across the odd Angel Shark resting in the sand, we finish our dive by making our way back to the anchor line on the top of the reef in about 6mts.

Depth 10-40m+ Level Experienced. A site with spectacular walls, drop offs and wildlife of my favorite sites. Drop in at 25 meters, and you will be met by large grouper.

Depth 10-30m+ Level Novice/Advanced. The seabed here is covered with spectacular basaltic rock formations where lava has produced three large arch shaped formations. Two memorials, one to Jacques Cousteau and another..

to a local diver will be seen as we make our way through and around the arches. We will see black moray, brown moray, trumpet fish and if the time of year is right, the occasional angel shark.

Depth 10-40m+ Experienced. Dropping in at 25M+ we head out to sea to the reef edge at 35M and black coral dropping over the edge of this wall takes us to a small cave,

with anemones, shrimp,grouper and spectacular rock overhangs at 40M. Heading back to shore we have a volcanic arch along with another small cave before coming back to the ball of Roncadores..

Depth 10-40m+ Level Experienced. This is one of my favorite dive sites a cave and a wreck in one dive. Although it is only some 350M offshore this is a boat dive only. Dropping in at 25M+ we head out to sea to the reef edge at 30M.

Depth 10-40m+ Level Experienced. This is one of my favorite dive sites a cave and a wreck in one dive. Although it is only some 350M offshore this is a boat dive only. Dropping in at 25M+ we head out to sea to the reef edge at 30M.

Depth 10-30m+ Level Advanced. The Caves at Pal Mar are also known as Moray City. We anchor up in about 16m of water on top of a large rock plateau about 500m off shore. After descending the shot line you drop over the side of the plateau to the sea bed at 22m.

Depth 10-20m+ Level Novice/Advanced. This site boasts both spectacular scenery and fish life. We anchor the boat in about 8m, in a small crater on the first of a series of volcanic steps.

Dropping over the side of the "Steps" you pass Trumpet Fish and Zebra and Sea Bream, then we come to a large swim through and a shoal of Roncardores (Bastard Grunt). Swim slowly and they will part before you and close around you. This is one for the cameras! If you head out to sea following one of the rock spears that run perpendicular to the shore you have patches of sand home to Angel Sharks! (Nov-March) 26M+ Heading back to the base of the Steps (18m) we come up in a gully, Lizard Fish, Morays and Octopus, and then to a second vertical swim through which puts us on the top of the Steps at about 10-12m. Coming back to the anchor line you can look down at the seabed at where you have been. Keep your eyes open for passing Barracuda, Tuna and Sardines. Back at the anchor line you can spend your safety stop swimming around the small crater looking at the Ornate Wrasse, Blue Atlantic Damsel Fish, Cuttle Fish etc.

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