Courses V Experience and the Novice Diver

Or "Just Take Me Diving"

So full of enthusiasm you are just signed up to do your first scuba diving course.

You have the option of including a specialty

Or having finished your first course.

You can go straight into the next course

and with only a couple more dives get your next qualification!!

It's all very exciting what to do? Should I buy some kit? That computer looks great!

What to do next???

May I suggest the following?

"Stop, Breathe and think!"That’s from the rescue course by the way

"Will this make me a better diver?"

Scuba Diving Training Agencies would like you to do course after course, remember that’s how they make their money.

Whilst theoretical knowledge and being shown how to do things is great, the majority of learning how to scuba diving is about learning a set of physical skills.

Like any physical skill you need to practice.

The reason your instructor made diving look so easy is that he has done it many, many times, it is now muscle memory.

The more you dive and use the skills you have learnt the easier they become.

The more you dive, the more relaxed and comfortable in water you become, the better your air consumption becomes and the more you will enjoy your diving.

So maybe before you sign up for that next course, or buy that next bit of kit. Book a diving holiday somewhere and get some experience

Click on the Booking Enquiry form, or send us an email here at Tenerife Scuba and let us "Yust Take You Diving"